Over a Rainbow


°°°°°Santa Fe Rainbow°°°°°
Photograph by Felicia Lujan
September 12, 2013

Color fills my heart and eyes with passion. My mind feeds on vibrance. When Harburg and Arlen wrote the now infamous song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” their creative minds had visited another land. Their minds had been to a place so close, but very far away. The songwriters had likely visited their own symbolic Oz. Today when I took this picture of a lovely rainbow, I knew it was the perfect symbol of fantasy lands and happy places.

Harburg and Arlen wrote about a place “somewhere over the rainbow way up high.” Maybe this place “way up high” was symbolic of emotional and spiritual highs we get when we visit far off places we can only reach with the power of our thoughts or dreams? The writers do say that they had heard of the land “once in a lullaby.” Our ears would absorb a lullaby right before our eyes close and the mind swiftly whisks us off to a place made of dreams.

What is it that you see when you go somewhere over a rainbow? What do you feel? In thoughts and dreams splashed by each vivid color of the magical spectrum we feel alive. I am moved and inspired. I may be fast asleep yet completely awake. In thoughts I am invigorated by what my mind fancies. I feel a reciprocated touch by those things which once seemed distantly impossible to touch. As Harburg and Arlen said… here “the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

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2 Comments on “Over a Rainbow”

  1. catnip505 Says:

    Hey…totally different look on the blog, F. hmm…bit of a change in the public image..?
    Don’t know if you got the card I left for you, but I’m betting you did…I hope it wasn’t offensive.
    Hope you’re having the best possible weekend…
    ~ ^^ ~

  2. I love the mystic of a rainbow and still continue to wonder about that pot of gold and how that ol saying came about. I’m still searching! Great pic!

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