(509) – Beautiful Opportunity

The Better Man Project is worth the follow. This man’s writing will awaken your soul. I posted this comment to Evan Sanders tonight….

“You are always so awesome Evan. Becoming a better man is not easy. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Keep the light on within. I too have recently discovered myself.

The Better Man Project ™

When I first started writing, everything in me was focused on trying to “understand” everything. I was trying to understand how come others weren’t playing by the same rules as I was, why certain things seemed to happen over and over again, and why I felt like life was a series of one step forward two steps backward scenarios. In short, I was writing blind. I found that quote above today diving into Pinterest and it couldn’t have hit closer to home.

I never knew myself because I never heard my voice. I was always lost because I had no personal direction. So I left. I went searching and left everyone behind. Where did I go? Within.

As the days go by, I start to realize that life is a series of events that can either turn into memories or opportunities. Throughout the day, there will be things that come…

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