Making your own nut or seed butter

This is a great post. Nuts are indeed our healthy friends!! ~~~Felicia

The Fit Writer Nicola Joyce

Nut butter is something of a cult food amongst dieting bodybuilders. It’s dreamed about, obsessed over, elevated to the status of minor deity.

I do like it, although I’m not dangerous around it. (In fact, as an aside, one of the first notable moments of my prep with coach Vicky is when she told me I had to go out and buy the foods I considered “dangerous to be around” and to eat them every day. Since then, I’ve been able to have huge 1kg tubs of nut butters in the house and not crave them. Next up: cottage cheese LOL!)

Anyway, these days I make my own. Why? Cos I like pottering in the kitchen and I like knowing what’s in my food. And I like not spending £5+ on something which I can make for less than half that amount 😉

Today I made walnut and sunflower seed…

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