Can’t Wait!! UFC 168: Rousey ~vs~ Tate


Rousey ~vs~ Tate

I can’t wait for tonight! I will be watching UFC 168. The rematch between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate will be a good one! Tate wants blood because Rousey dislocated her arm on the last match, but she better bring her *A* game for sure if she wants to be champ! Rousey isn’t going down easy and her tactical skills on the ground have been commended by the Gracie brothers.

Last night I watched the Gracie Breakdown of the last match between Rousey and Tate on UFC Ultimate Insider. It was an awesome breakdown!! The signature arm bar that Rousey hit Tate with was sick with the sickness! Her signature move is sure to be the highlight of the fight tonight. More than likely, Tate trained hard to defend against the submission, but she is still going down.


Sherdog Stats

Both these ladies were looking smoking and strong for the weigh-in. I just can’t wait for Rousey ~vs~ Tate!!! Check out @RondaRousey and #ufc168 for a behind the scenes look into the prep for the big fight tonight! Yeeeaaaayyyaaaaa!!! Strong women rock!

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3 Comments on “Can’t Wait!! UFC 168: Rousey ~vs~ Tate”

  1. purpose213 Says:

    Rousey rocks, I love her and her attitude!! Happy she won. 🙂

  2. Hugh Stevens Says:

    The UFC women’s bantamweight champion and her team reacted just about the way everyone did when they saw Anderson Silva’s leg snap Saturday night at UFC 168 — with blood-curdling cries of horror.

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