Historic Photo Restoration

I have been restoring and enhancing photographs for people for many years. If I could make a good living doing so, I would do that full time. Recently I did some detective ghost work for a friend who has a sister who snapped photographs at the La Fonda Hotel here in Santa Fe on a recent visit. That specific hotel is said to be haunted and my friend Jackie from RMD wanted me to take a closer look at the photographs using Adobe Photoshop. I like to consider myself an expert user when it comes to all things Photoshop. If my friend gives me the go ahead, I will post the details about, as well as the images of the creepiness I discovered. It was rather scary actually~ or shall I say hair raising!!

I also do photo restoration for people and one of my regular customers is the former State Records Administrator. I have done many, many things for her over the years from enhancements to restorations. Below is my last restoration for her. She gave this away as a Christmas present. The original was a 20×18 convex, historic photograph which had suffered water and mold damage. I was very happy with the result and so was she. I took a high definition photograph of the convex image and then worked from that. If you ask me….Adobe Photoshop is the best software ever created!! If any of you are in need of my services, I can be reached at myvoyagethroughtime@yahoo.com.

~Historic photo restoration by Felicia Lujan~

~Historic photo restoration by Felicia Lujan~


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