••~ Attack of the Plastics~••

I do prefer a bona fide,
authentic, caring friend.
Legitimate, gold dusted
heart, until the very end.

Artificial makes me ill
as a crippling disease.
Factitious one, mimic
the cure with ease.

Cultured in a hollow
soul, concocted symphony.
An unauthentic, caring
friend and doctored trickery.

I admire the quality of
true, rare beyond a moon.
It is better to appreciate
than a pretender’s doom.

Plastic attack. The faux.
The fake. Manipulating pain.
Concocted care, elastic smile,
taking everything in vain.

I treasure the valuable,
those pure with love for me.
Not fabricated, counterfeit,
those who never truly see.

Shams can hurt. Plastic is
tough. It is simulated care.
Who needs synthetic mockery?
It will only leave me bare.

I cherish all the genuine.
There is nothing like the real.
A pseudo friend is uselessness
and no longer wants to feel.

by Felicia Lujan
January 27, 2014

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2 Comments on “••~ Attack of the Plastics~••”

  1. Mar Says:

    LOVE Felish…so true!!

  2. supercat Says:

    A wise teacher once said: “The qualities that annoy us most in others are the very qualities we need to strive hardest to overcome in ourselves.” or to put it more simply for you: “it takes one to know one”. *ha! You wouldn’t be able to recognize “plastic” so easily if you didn’t have a little bit of it in yourself….plastic can be tough…chainmail can flow like the smoothest fabric and yet still deflect arrows…

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