It is rather ironic that my realness was balked at by a woman using a pseudonym today. I approved this particular comment because I know exactly who I am and I’m confident in that. Not only am I real, but I am an extreme technology junkie. I have tracked several mystery comments made by “supercat” and “catnip505” and “cat nip” to the very same work IP address.

I have a sophisticated digital arsenal really. For God’s sake, I have networked virtual systems there and I am familiar with the network maps. I refuse to engage in negative energy and so I will stay professional and polite. I am so real, it hurts. I use my real name and I am far from simple…call it Networking 101. 

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2 Comments on “Real”

  1. Felicia, I absolutely love your spunk! You go girl and tell it like it is. Thanks for inspiring me! ~Susan

  2. Whatever it is…I’m on your side.

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