Lust and Allegiance: A Short Review of Rise of an Empire

*Digital composite by Felicia*
Today I went to see 300: Rise of an Empire. Part two was actually a story which happened simultaneously with the first 300 movie (2007). As I expected, the movie was good. I love the cinematography of these movies and the digital work that goes into them. The 3D wasn’t all that great, but the weapons, sex scene, fight scenes and elaborate costumes made up for that.

My favorite characters were Artemisia and Xerxes. No surprise right? I always favor wicked characters and strong women. Eva Green plays a tantalizingly, sinister warrior. Artemisia is a woman wronged by her own who is on a quest for revenge. Rodrigo Santoro just rocks as Xerxes. His costume is always awesome! The scene in the hermit cave was very cool and was my second favorite. This is when Xerxes becomes a golden God King.

*Xerxes the God King*
In essence, the movie is about slavery versus freedom. Aside from being about the Persian assault on Greece, Rise of an Empire becomes a seriously twisted love story. At the heart of the lusty twist is the love hate attraction of two warriors, Themistokles and Artemisia. Sullivan Stapleton plays Themistokles and I must say that the sex scene between he and Artemisia is wow, wow, wowzer…smokin’ hot!!

One review called the sex scene “an all-timer” and “put it right up there on the shelf” right next to “any of the others that make those best-of lists.” It was indeed hot! A correlation between the slavery and freedom of lovers centers this story. We can become slaves to love and sex, mentally and physically. A Themistokles quote captures this best. During their final fight scene, he tells Artemisia “I would rather die free than live as a slave…even if I was attached to you by chain.” Think about that quote. The words “even if” are key.

I wasn’t disappointed by Rise of an Empire. It was a good story about love, allegiance, hate, sacrifice, revenge, and power. I adored the tumultuous, sexy, and lusty connection between Themistokles and Artemisia. Following are some of the best quotes between star-crossed lovers.


“You fight as if the blood of Poseidon himself is coursing through your veins.”
Artemisia to Themistokles

“You’re no God. You’re just a man.”
Artemisia to Themistokles

“Today I want to feel Themistokles throat beneath my boot.”
Artemisia to Persians

“You fight much harder than you fuck.”
Artemisia to Themistokles

“I would rather die free than live as a slave…even if I was attached to you by chain.”
Themistokles to Artemisia

“If death comes to me today I’m ready.”
Artemisia to Themistokles


“Anger is reserved for my enemies.”
Themistokles to Athenians

“You have come a long way to stroke your cock whilst watching real men train.”
Queen Gorgo to Themistokles

“I am disappointed by these men.”
Artemisia to Persians

“Now sit on your golden throne and watch this battle from the safety I provide you.”
Artemisia to Xerxes

“Let it be known that we choose to stand and fight on our feet rather than live on our knees.”
Themistokles to Athenians

“Sieze your glory!!”
Themistokles to Athenians

“I am not here as a witness.”
Artemisia to Persians

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3 Comments on “Lust and Allegiance: A Short Review of Rise of an Empire”

  1. scody2012 Says:

    Excellent review! It almost makes me want to see the movie. Almost.

  2. Gede Prama Says:

    I really like and very inspired… 🙂

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