Ideas Are Powerful Hug Evokers


Last weekend when I was leaving after a visit with my sister, something off the road caught my eye. A few houses down from where my family lives, a neighbor had put up what appeared to be some sort of little house? Being the curious person I am, I decided to stop and check it out. I couldn’t help myself. “It sure is a fancy bird house,” I thought to myself. I have made some before! 

After parking I made my way toward the little house. I was hoping to give the contraption a quick look before the owner noticed me. When I got to the house, I realized it was actually a mini library with a window! I couldn’t believe it. What a great idea! Albert Einstein once said that “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” It is so true!

The sign reads “Neighborhood Library~ Take a book, leave a book, or just enjoy a book.” What a brilliantly creative idea! I had never seen such a thing!! I would like to do that someday here in my neighborhood. I immediately called my sister. She said my nephew was a regular of sorts at the walkup library. Haha…he is such a cute lil reader!

Well…you know I opened the library doors to look right? I was doubtful I would find something to take, but I was wrong! I found a copy of Helene Lerner’s book What Makes a Strong Woman? Lerner is the CEO of Creative Expansions Inc. Interesting…that was a perfect find. Ha Meghan?? The book has “101 insights from some remarkable woman.” It is a small book packed with comments about strength.

I had the urge to knock on the strangers door and learn more about him or her. Who was it? Maybe a retired librarian? Maybe a teacher? I wondered if others have something like this where they live? What a great way to share knowledge. I thought the mysterious person deserved a big medal and a hug! People who respect books and knowledge are truly special. Maybe one day, I will decide to knock on that door. 

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One Comment on “Ideas Are Powerful Hug Evokers”

  1. Meghan Says:

    That’s so awesome! I saw this little library the other day on the way home from the dog groomer, but I didn’t stop. I’ve never seen one in Santa Fe before, but I know there are a lot in Portland. I kind of want to make one too. Maybe that could be one of the first projects for Creativity, Inc.!?!
    That is totally the perfect book to find!! I’d love to take a look at it when you’re done!

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