Daily Prompt | Sugared Skin

Here is my first attempt at a Daily Prompt. Thanks for the instruction Andy!! 🙂
Hope I did this right!?

Sugared up and hyped up beyond,
a taste which curls your lips.
The taste of skin, just flourless,
will surely make you flip.

Sweeter than a woodland nymph
on a sunny, sparkly day.
A lick of skin is all you need if
you really want to play.

No treats or sweets can take
the place of a cupcake in the mind.
Skin will make you lick your lips,
a replacement you won’t find.

Sugared up, rise right beyond,
a taste which sparks a smile.
For the taste of skin, a simple
treat, you will walk for miles.

by Felicia Lujan
March 15, 2014

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13 Comments on “Daily Prompt | Sugared Skin”

  1. andy1076 Says:

    Worked great! Wow to the words too 😉

  2. andy1076 Says:

    Forgot to mention btw, later tonight cut and paste from daily post again to get the updated pings 🙂

  3. ranu802 Says:

    Nice poem,i like it.

  4. I love it Felicia…very delightfully penned, there is a certain happiness alive from the beginning to the end!

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  6. […] Daily Prompt | Sugared Skin | My Voyage Through Time […]

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