Gurlz Who Luv Creepy Crawlerz

~~~*Here is the super short video I uploaded to my YouTube channel.*~~~
Not long ago, D had a chance to meet a self proclaimed entomologist. He met the bug lover at the Harrell House of Natural Oddities, which also has a bug museum. My son seemed fascinated by a master of insects, but I am no stranger to the world of entomology. Sometimes I feel like I either break the rules associated with gender, or if there are no rules, I’m just a manly woman with a love of guy stuff?! Have you heard the acronym FTGS? Click that acronym to look it up! Yup….now that’s me! Girly? I love me some bugs!

The word entomology derives from the Greeks. The “entomos” in entomology means that which is segmented. You know…bugs! Let me get this straight, I wouldn’t love bugs and spiders crawling all over me, but I think they are very beautiful. The branch of zoology dealing with creepy crawlerz recruits the world’s best entomologists. The first time I met an entomologist was many years ago when I worked as a PIO for New Mexico State Parks. I loved that job. I remember being completely intrigued by that strange bug man.

I enjoyed learning all about butterflies, moths, spiders, dragonflies, scorpions and other crawlerz. It was interesting to see that I still feel as I did all those year ago when I met my first entomologist. I felt bad for the “mounted specimens.” Specimens? The word literally takes the life out of them. I thought of my friend Corky and his spider rescue. There is a very fine line between learning and hurting living things. I took photos of some of the butterfly and dragonfly specimens because they were truly amazing to see. I felt bad and deleted the “specimen” photos.

Oliver Greer has collected at least 2,400 specimens from around the world for this museum. 2,400 beautiful things, now gone from their natural habitat. It is actually sad to think about. Greer does seem like a really good man. He is a chef at the Ore House, a writer, and an independent film maker who also loves bugs. Hopefully, he talks to the creatures he is collecting and asks for their forgiveness. I would hope he explains why he is doing it. I mean most people would not learn in a hands on environment without this museum. Yes…we touched some lively creatures.

My favorite part of the museum tour was the live demonstration. I didn’t know scorpions glow under a black light. Did you? I have some wonderfully dark, love poetry planned in relation to the creatures I was most fascinated with. I included those I really liked in a super short video and put it up on my YouTube channel. Maybe I choose music from Knife Party for the video because they have a song called Centipede. My favorites included: a Ghost Mantis; a Deathstalker Scorpion; an African Millipede; a Tailless Whip Scorpion and an Emperor Scorpion; an Eastern Hercules Beetle; a Vinegaroon; and the Chilean Rose Tarantula.

The Harrell House Bug Museum is located inside the Harrell House of Natural Oddities store in the DeVargas Mall. It’s worth a look see and maybe a touch see!

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