Archivists Make It Last Longer


★•••Sticker on the desk drawer in my office.•••★

Today I attended day 1 of the 2014 Information Governance Conference sponsored by the Northern New Mexico Chapter of ARMA. I had a really good day. Got to spend time with people I’ve known for years and I also met some interesting people. It is always a great pleasure to be around others who genuinely care about what they do. I came away from day 1 confirming yet again that I love what I do.

I was meant to be where I am professionally, though I am itching for knowledge and growth again. I have close to two decades of experience managing records and at least a decade of digital experience. I also confirmed today that no matter what, experience trumps the best talkers. “Archivists make it last longer.” Yes we do! Love that sticker!!

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