The Minecraft Library

My son is a Minecraft addict. I had to take a picture yesterday when I noticed that he put a library in the house he built! I said “wait, wait, wait, what is that? Go back.” He said “it’s a library mom.” Wow!!! I was impressed. “The cutest thing ever,” said the mommy who is an archivist. 🙂


~D’z library~

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2 Comments on “The Minecraft Library”

  1. scody2012 Says:

    My daughter is a Minecraft addict, too! She’s building the Titanic!

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Omgggg…my son almost had a heart attack when I told him your daughter was building the Titanic. He told me to ask you how LoL!?! How old us she??? Send a pic if you can. He will get a tear in his eye!!! HaHa. My son is 8. 🙂

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