Real Guts


Today another person had enough guts and heart to agree to step into the gym with me. I did warn her that the nice me would disappear, but she still showed up. She could have made excuses, but she didn’t! I love that!

Today I trained Amanda. She did an awesome job in there. I have been alternating a week of paused rep training with a week of high rep training. Amanda caught me on a high rep week. Following cardio, she successfully completed a 400 rep back, shoulder and ab workout in 40 minutes without one single complaint!

I am very proud of her. I moved on to 6 hundy without her, but maybe next time she will hit 600 at a heavier weight!! My fellow writing Virgo has real guts. She’s an English major at UNM. Working on her mind and body! That’s admirable. Real guts rock!

5 Reasons Women Should Lift Heavy Weights by Cathe Friedrich

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