Beautiful Oddity by Felicia Lujan

Marc Jacobs is well known for saying that he could “always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect,” because “they are much more interesting.” I completely agree. I am a beautiful oddity in this desolate world. I dream in color. I break the insipid mold which infects normality. I think different. I act different. I pride myself on being different. Being odd, thinking odd things, living an odd life makes me striking and unique. There is no Pantone color chart to capture the radiance of peculiar things. They just are…

Imperfections and offbeat feelings are not black or white. They radiate. Though as a stringent Virgo I often prefer no grey plans, my mind spills what is called “true color” or 24-bit, in-depth, magnificence. I am secure in strange because that is what makes me not like her, or her, or even him, but just like me. I am odd, beautiful and interesting. This digital composite is a tribute to that beauty.

Beautiful Oddity by Felicia Lujan 

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4 Comments on “Beautiful Oddity by Felicia Lujan”

  1. rommel Says:

    I’m with you all the way to Antartica. 🙂 I am weird as hell, and I embrace it. Odd + Imperfect = Interesting, sure is!

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