Killing the Invisible


*****An important page from the “Career Module” of Fundamentals of Management: Essential Concepts and Applications by Robbins Decenzo Coulter.*****

I’m getting ready to study for a bit. After that, I am gonna watch the women get tough on the Broken Skull Ranch (excited with a big smile). Before I hit the study table, I wanted to share a thought about something I read and something that happened last week.

I am almost finished reading Fundamentals of Management: Essential Concepts and Applications by Robbins Decenzo Coulter. Reading the “Career Module” reminded me of a comment my friend Meghan made to me and another woman last week.

We were standing together talking and I was encouraging a woman from another agency to develop her professional network. I think that is critical to career development. Meghan said I should be a career counselor. We laughed and in all seriousness we all agreed upon the power of networking.

I don’t just think professional networking is important, but personal networking as well. I say personal versus social because I am not referring to a network that gives you nothing but entertainment in return. I mean the type of networking which is mutually beneficial in deeper ways.

For example…I like to network with people to share personal knowledge as well. This can sometimes happen in a social network, but is more valuable if the connection is not virtual so knowledge and information can not only be shared, but accepted and implemented (if you will).

My sister always tells me I know a lot of people. She has even told me I “should run for mayor.” I may have this virtual portal where I network and learn from fellow writers, artists, creative creatures, fitness buffs, and professionals, but there is nothing like real world networks.

Meghan and my sister are both right about me. I love networking and I love people. I intend to leave my mark on this world in one way or another. There is one thing I am sure of…and that is the power of networking. I do not plan to disappear into the dark chasm of invisibility. I plan to stay visible. I plan to make a heavy mark.

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One Comment on “Killing the Invisible”

  1. Meghan Says:

    You are a great role model for networking and fostering connections. It’s inspiring, Felicia!

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