Lyrical Lure


Metamorphoses…hear the
siren’s song. Her haunted
lyrics reek of death.
Wings search for an
abducted soul. She infuses
darkness with her breath.
Curse of love. A melody
so sweet that the saccharin
hurts your teeth.
Muse of a world lost
in dreams and what
festers underneath.
Irresistible…call from
the depths. Siren lulling
him to keep.
Listen to her soothing
song if you fear not
becoming weak.
by Felicia Lujan

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4 Comments on “Lyrical Lure”

  1. Dear Friend: We have started a collaborative blog called: Artists 4 Peace. We hope to spread love, understanding and peace through art. I’m asking that if you can, would you please write one of your wonderful poems and send it to the new blog. All of the information is on my post. I am asking artists I follow to add their work to that of other artists to try and make a difference in the world. Thank you.

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