It Never Gets Easier


I worked out outside tonight. It was a beautiful evening. It’s a strange mix of calming and invigorating to sweat in a slight breeze and invite cool air into my lungs. Fitness is critical to my survival and sanity. One way or another…I will get it in~ between a busy work day, multiplication tables for my 8 year old, and my own studies, I will make time. I went way lighter than usual on shoulders and traps, but I got it in. I’m on travel for work tomorrow, so I’ll miss the daytime workout. I’ll hit back and triz at night, then I’ll be done for the week. It never gets easier…but my body and mind are getting stronger everyday.

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One Comment on “It Never Gets Easier”

  1. JMC813 Says:

    Being a cyclist, 80% of my workouts are done outdoors, so I am quite the opposite and get invigorated when I get a chance to do my strength training indoors in the gym environment. Just now finding what I like to call (my term for it) Motivational Momentum. With a vacation coming up and the Tour De France taking place, I have much to keep me inspired to ride. .

    Be well and keep killing it at the gym Felicia.

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