Deadlifting & Intellectual Respect

I was going to get in an evening workout, but I’m tired from today’s road trip. Plus~~ I ran outside for lunch when I got back from Taos and it was hot!!! Tomorrow I’ll hit back and triz in the gym.

Gotta love Dr. Layne Norton. He’s always fighting with people on Twitter and his cocky attitude is indeed entertaining. I guess I can’t blame him for the fights. He earned a PhD from U of IL and since he’s a stereotyped bodybuilder he probably has to fight for intellectual respect! Get ’em @BioLayne!!!

I’m gonna do some sumo deadlifts tomorrow. Yeayyyyy…


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One Comment on “Deadlifting & Intellectual Respect”

  1. Ice_Badger Says:

    deadlifts rock! it is official 🙂

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