To the Patron that just called me…

This is funny. This is indeed the type of questions we get as archivists. Hang in there Ginger! Public service is tough, but that’s what we are here for and that’s how archivists learn and continue to expand their knowledge everyday! Trust me. Stay patient! One day, you may be managing or directing an archive.

I'm Not a Librarian

To the patron that just called me,

Yes we are closed this weekend. Yes I am certain.

No I am not giving you the number of the “most superior librarian” in the main library. Call the main number for their hours since you don’t believe me.

We are not National Archives. We share the same zip code, that’s it.

No we don’t have “all the shooting stuff” from Kennedy (see above).

No I cannot tell you all of the rules for getting a readers card off the top of my head for NARA just because I’m an archives student.

No I don’t know where you can find “all the genealogy stuff from not too far back, but kinda far back” unless you give me locations, names, dates, etc. I am not your hired genealogist, either.

I can’t tell you if we have “classic radio shows from the 1930’s” unless you…

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