Athletically Conditioned


I never really bother to check my heart rate during or after cardio. I have been doing cardio for years and years and I have checked it under ten times for sure. I guess I just figure if my heart feels like it’s gonna pop outta my chest, I’m doing something right. I’m doing good! Haha…

Almost didn’t check my heart rate today after I took a look at the “Heart Rate Zones” chart on the new machine, but I am indeed a curious creature. I thought hummm… wouldn’t that be a biaaa for someone who prides herself on fitness to be in the “Heart Healthy” or “Endurance Training” zone for my age? Yeah it would!

But no…..I am proud to say that I am an athlete! I am passing endurance by far. Actually, I knew my endurance was solid, but it was nice to have some fancy new machine confirm that. I hit the tippy top of “Athletic Conditioning” for my age group. Awesssome! Gotta love hard work paying off.

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6 Comments on “Athletically Conditioned”

  1. exactlyerin Says:

    Yes! Love that! You should download an app on your phone that can tell you your heart rate just by putting your finger over the camera!

    My resting heart rate before I started working out was, no joke, like 100 to 105. Now, it’s a cool 51! Maybe I’m dying. Ugh.

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Really??? Which app is that?? Interesting!!! Haha….”dying!” Yeah…dying to go back to the gym. Hahaaaaaa!

      • exactlyerin Says:

        I have one that came with my phone, but you can just plug in ‘heart rate’ on your phone’s app store and you should find one! I don’t know how truly accurate it is, but it gives you a great guesstimate!

  2. andy1076 Says:

    Seems every time I run i’m at the aerobic level, especially at a 4% incline going at 5mph can’t seem to bring it down to a calmer rate at all! cheers to your healthy rate! 🙂

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