Quinoa Crusted Eggplant

I made these awesomely healthy, New Mexico grown, quinoa crusted eggplant slices for dinner. Yummy! My boss tended to and grew these veggiez up north. They were good with 35gz of chicken breast protein! Needed to replenish after the deadz. They have been kicking my ass!

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7 Comments on “Quinoa Crusted Eggplant”

  1. andy1076 Says:

    pssst..the recipe 😉

  2. exactlyerin Says:

    I’m so into this idea.

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      It was yummy for sure! Use quinoa instead of flour. Well…I never ever use flour anyhow…I might deter on a cheat night (Saturdays) but that’s it! You should try it ;). Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh, YUMMMMMMMY!!!!

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