Welcome to the Real World

Gotta love how the gym was super packed on Monday and by Friday…not a damn soul! Only the true bluez bring it. Some “regulars” were there. I dig the smell of dedication. I don’t do half ass!! Today a former professional body builder told me “welcome to the real world” with regard to deadlifting. Then I got a pity follow~up of “or welcome back.” I said “nawwww…you’re right…welcome to the real world!” I saw a vein in my shoulder today!!!! Yeay….

~Digital Composite by Felicia.~

~NOT A SOUL IN THIS BIAAA… (Digital Composite by Felicia)~


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2 Comments on “Welcome to the Real World”

  1. andy1076 Says:

    Hell ya! that’s the best time to work out, when nobody’s sitting around wasting time texting or hogging a machine sitting about! kudos on the deadlift 🙂

  2. agadudes Says:

    This is my company gym everyday sadly, 😛 That’s why I enjoy working out there, no distractions, just pure honest pumping.

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