I ♥ Mora


***Faith, Destiny, Felicia and Daryn at the Historic Cassidy Mill in Mora County. The mill has been on the National Register of Historic Places since December of 1978. I ♥ history and I ♥ people who care about history.***
I am so tired!! My son and I spent all day in Mora attending the 2014 Valdez Family Reunion in Las Aguitas. This was a gathering of people on my mother’s side of the family. There were close to 300 people there and I had an absolute blast. I laughed my head off all day. There was a parade this morning at 10:00am because the town is celebrating the fiestas. After the parade, we stopped by my family’s property to relax for a bit then headed to the reunion site across the way. The air there is clean and the land is so beautiful. It was a really fun day. I will share photos soon as I know many of you will be waiting to see them.

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