♦*Valuing Value*♦


“When someone can make you see
this broken world as beautiful, they
are worth keeping around.”

~~~~~• Author Unknown

Have you ever contemplated the word value? It is an intricate word to contemplate. What does it mean to value things? More importantly, what does it mean to value people? We are all worth something? Aren’t we? I like to think my worth outweighs my worthlessness, but maybe other people don’t see it that way. Maybe people who don’t know me could just ignore my value, write me off, plead ignorance to my worth, but what about those who know me? What about those who you hoped would care?

The dictionary defines value (the noun) as “high quality” the “importance” of “something intrinsically valuable or desirable.” It is always disappointing when you realize that some people see you as a metaphorical rock instead of as a diamond. No matter how much value you could ever allot yourself, not everyone can see the return on an investment in you. Maybe it’s that they can’t conceive or refuse to acknowledge your worth? Maybe they simply can’t do it? Maybe in this case, value (the noun) isn’t as important to me as value (the verb)?

Value as a verb is much more complex. It isn’t just the physicality of worth, but what lies beneath our skin. It is what’s in the mind and in the heart. In this form of the word, value is the description of an action, state, or occurrence. The dictionary defines this type of value as the consideration of “someone or something to be important or beneficial” and to “have a high opinion of” that someone or something. Synonymously, one would “think highly of, hold in high regard, rate highly, appreciate, treasure, prize, and respect” someone or something they valued.

Seriously…have you ever contemplated the word value? The intricacy of this word continues to blow my mind. It is important to me. We can choose to value or choose not to value things. If valuing something…if valuing someone means you have to validate them are you ok with that? If it is something or someone you really care about, it is never a problem. I value things. I value people. If I declare your value, you will know. I do my best to nurture those things which are dear to me.

We are all worth something. I am worth something. Unfortunately, we may be worth more to some than others no matter what we do…still, I declare that my worth outweighs my worthlessness. I am worthy of love and the exploration of feelings. Yes…I am. I am special and deserve respect. I take work, but in the end, I am worth that work. I want to be cared for because I am not valueless.

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5 Comments on “♦*Valuing Value*♦”

  1. purpose213 Says:

    Absolutely amazing words, this is one of my top five posts of yours and believe me I love a lot of them. 🙂
    Made me cry!!
    I value your friendship and your wisdom, my lovely friend, but most of all I value the beauty of you and the impact you have made in my life.
    Thank you for your awesomeness!!

  2. Christina ~ Says:

    Beautifully penned thoughts of profound truth…without valuing ourselves…well that leads to all sorts of problems, such as allowing others to undervalue us as well. I really loved this post! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us…It’s been too long since I’ve visited…however, I sincerely value your thoughts…and you! ❤ ~

  3. Peter Bowman Says:

    Excellent post. There is an interesting assessment that gauges your value internally, externally and digitally. It’s an interesting way to get in touch with your value. http://www.valueassociation.com

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:
    jinxx xoxo

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