Time for Fresh Ink


Made a pitstop at Stay Gold to see one of the best artists I know. He owns the shop across from UNM off Central and Yale. I went to school with Leo Gonzales and graduated with his brother Frank. I hadn’t seen him since he designed this custom coverup for me many years ago. It’s time to bring the wizard’s magic around for some front delt action. I am going to get him retouched as well. I trust Leo and I will give him free creative reign with regard to the design. He is an awesome artist and I witnessed his artistic abilities personally in our high school art classes.

On the wall of Stay Gold, in the middle of some of Leo’s awesome oil paintings hung a piece by my all time favorite fantasy artist…Boris Vallejo. You know I have posted *several* Boris works here with my poetry. I asked if he had met Boris and Julie Bell and indeed he has. He said he goes to a fantasy art conference in Pennsylvania…where Boris is from. He has also watched the artist work. How fuckin’ awesome is that? I think I want to head to PA in 2015!! Yeah!! Fantasy art rocks!!!

I know Leo’s work has been featured at Chalk Farm Gallery as well. That is the coolest gallery in Santa Fe and I was there recently with my girlfriends. If you haven’t been there, you need to go. It is a magical place. His work is a perfect match for Chalk Farm. I was very impressed with how refined his artistic skills have become. I told Leo to be thinking about my piece. He seemed excited to show the other guys in his shop one of his oldest designs on my left shoulder blade. It has kept well and I have been happy with it! I’m headed back to Leo soon for a kick ass addition to my piece.

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2 Comments on “Time for Fresh Ink”

  1. Great post. Love the wizard:)

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