How to Use Real Food to Fuel Weight Loss

Great post Mike! Didn’t realize you were overweight once? You have come a long way and give good pointers and practical knowledge. My husband’s name is Mike and we follow a similar diet~ the main “supplement” secret is whole foods!! Congrats in your last NPC competition as well. What is this 7 now? You’re on a roll!!!

Michael Lee Fitness

I get tons of questions asking me what supplements I take, but very little questions about what food I eat. I find that odd. Consumption of real food is probably the most important factor of losing weight and getting the body you want.


I eat a variety of meat, lean chicken, turkey, beef, fish (which includes Tilapia).

eat a variety of veggies and variety of healthy carbs (potatoes, oatmeal, rice).

I also eat a variety of healthy fat, like nuts, oils and avocado.

Being a former overweight person, I now limit my processed carb intake, especially at night. Numerous studies show that over-consumption of processed carbs is the number one cause of Obesity. This is the reason why you don’t see obese wild animals. Animals don’t have to count calories because when you eat real food and are active, your body will use that food as fuel and…

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