Sweat is My Vice of Choice

Some people live for the party. Nate!! I live for the gym. Some people look forward to getting smashed. Nate!!!! I look forward to smashing the cardio and weights. The smell of sweat is my vice of choice. For that reason, I make sure I feel my absolute best with focus 5 days a week! No hangovers for me. I’m determined to continue the transformation of my shell, soul and heart.

I must say…on Sunday I may have witnessed the best motivational bodybuilding video I have ever seen. I like it better every time I watch it, and I’m glad I took the time to witness greatness. Mike showed me the video and it is the best for several reasons. Reason 1…dudes wearing Bane and Anonymous masks!! Nice!!! Reason 2..it features my fav Joey Swoll. Reason 3…the music. Reason 4 thru 50…all the other awesomeness!!

The video opens with one of Joey Swoll’s best quotes about how he doesn’t “pop bottles.” I love it!!! The full quote says…
“Working out is my drug. I don’t party every night, I don’t get wasted, I don’t pop bottles, I WORKOUT. I push my body to its limit, then I push harder! I blast my music, I sweat, I ace, I love pain, and I hate skinny. I don’t bother you, don’t judge me. You can have the clubs & the flashy life, I’ll take the darkness of the gym all day everyday…”
~~~~ Joey Swoll

Figured this made perfect timing to share a tweet Swoll posted yesterday too.


This video (embedded below) is indeed killer and it was thrown up by The Gym Lifestyle and Muscle Factory. The track on this video kicks ass! I gotta say that Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard brought it on “Beast!” The footage features Joey Swoll, Mike Pulcianella, Mike Rashid, Antonie Villiant, Evan Centopani, Dennis Wolf, Ronnie Coleman and several other beasts. Awesome!! Where are the huge women in this video is my only question!?!

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