Where I Succeed

IMG_20140815_093655565It was just me, the Lady of Rage and Red Line in the gym today on my favorite day. I smoked the weights right the f’ out. The vein in my right shoulder is getting bigger when it’s pumped. I had to bring out the old school music today. I needed to feel good again. I had to call in late to turn into a human again. I am successful in the gym! That I do know. On Monday I realized I have dropped actual weight for the first time since March of 2009. I lost 11 pounds of fat while retaining muscle. I posted recently about how I have lost inches over the last five years…my body has changed (see Strongwoman Wink), but now I am actually dropping weight. The Lady of Rage was one of my favorites back in tha day. She is the lyrical genius who was a protégée of Dr. Dre and Death Row’s notorious villain… Suge Knight, who was the Executive Producer of her album~ “Necessary Roughness.” The Lady and some heavy ass shrugs got me back to a good place. Here are a few random slices I pulled out of the lyrics of “Rage.” If I’m lucky, I’ll turn my negative energies around and bring out my abs again.

Necessary Roughness by Lady of Rage
“Break a sucker down to dust”
“Lyrical murderer, microphone bone crusher”
“I do what I must *inhale* ooh what a rush”
“Now tell me who in the place wanna taste?”
“My vocab blows doors off it’s hinges, with every sentence”

Get with Da Wickedness by Lady of Rage
“I’m smooth and creamy, milky silky steamy
Eyes get wet and dreamy everytime a brother see me
Cause they can’t understand the gift of tongues”
“As I hit wit my spitfire bullets
Wit licks from my tongue, so watch me pull it
Take it to the hilt, I’m thick like quilt
Raw like silk, uh-huh, or creamy like milk”
“You gots to have true grit, and feel it
From the gut, to the cut, move that butt, cause I’m
rippin shit up. Make em fall a victim to my def flow
Lyrical murderer, that’s why I’m on Death Row
Lethal injection couldn’t, fade me. So, Suge and
Dr. Dre scooped me up and paid me. Now I’m, hah,
rockin ruff and stuff with my Afro Puffs
Hah, blowin em away like the Big Bad Wolf-a
Huffin, puffin, blowin, no bluffin”

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One Comment on “Where I Succeed”

  1. purpose213 Says:

    We used to go around singing:
    I rock ruff and stuff with my afro puffs RAGE rock on wit cha bad self!!
    Memories – how I miss those days. 🙂

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