Whiplashes Whip the South Side Derby Dames


~~Brit n Felish~~

Tonight we headed out to Taos, New Mexico to go see a roller derby. It was a rather fun, interesting night!! The Taos Whiplashes scored off against the big gurlz from the South Side Derby Dames of Lakewood, Colorado. We went to show our support for Latza Ballz! She did an awesome job in a hella rough sport. Latza Ballz was blocking some thick women up in there.

Brit and I had a blast wondering, cheering, cringing, and laughing at all the rough housing! It’s great to see fearless women in action. Loved this one woman’s artistic helmet. It said “well-behaved rollergirls rarely make history.” Loved that!! The final score was 231 to 87. The Whiplashes whipped some Colorado ass fo’ sho!


~~Latza Ballz~~


~~Awesome helmet~~


~~Sick Spill~~


~~Gettin' Rough~~

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