The IGI Tackles Information Governance for All

Interesting read. Looking into the IGP certification. Yesterday I attended a strategic planning meeting where I heard that the IGP certification is now replacing the CRM. Something to think about I guess!?

Word of Pie

The Two Bobs, Office SpaceThe Information Governance Initiative (IGI) released their 2014 Annual Report this week. I was actually sent a preview copy, but I was at the beach and it took me a while to get to reading the entire report. I could have readily written a simple write-up based upon the great executive summary, but I wanted to dig deeper.

I am glad that I did. It is easy to argue with the conclusions but without reading the facts behind them, it is wasted effort. That is one thing that I really like about the report, there was real thought into what the results of their surveys and conversations meant. That is something that you don’t see in many of these reports.

Defining Information Governance

The IGI offers a definition for Information Governance. It is fine for a working definition. No definition is perfect but I don’t see the point in quibbling…

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One Comment on “The IGI Tackles Information Governance for All”

  1. pak152 Says:

    ” I heard that the IGP certification is now replacing the CRM” The IGP is not replacing the CRM (Certified Records Manager) designation. A CRM may see the IGP as being a supplement to the CRM while others who are not CRMs will see the IGP as a standalone designation. they are both valid certifications. Just like there is the CIP certification from AIIM.

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