Dr.J & the Mini Fig Raid


This is what it looks like when I “build” with my son. This is always a fun excursion. I disguise building plans with my hidden plot to recoup my favorite mini figz like: the dark and lovely Dr.J; the sinister Two-Face; The Dark Knight; Cyborg Superman; Shredder; Flash; Bilbo Baggins; Luke Skywalker and C-3P0 (need a few good guys). 

My son and I battle for the miniz. I have a grip of them hidden. He loses them, I find them and stash them in my jewelry box, he finds them in my stuff and loses them again. These are the only toys I still love! I don’t know when he snuck Dr.J outta my box? He was tucked away tightly near Mz.Q. I got him back though! Here is to a successful raid!!!

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