WORDS: The Best Gift of All


~A dozen fire and ice roses my sis bought me from Whole Foods♥~

In 1907, the world-famous author Rudyard Kipling was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Kipling is known for saying…”Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” His quote rings true! Words are so intoxicating. A lack of words is heart wrenching. Words inspire smiles. They evoke tears. They bring us to our knees. As a writer, I could take hours explaining why I love, adore, cherish, and admire words. There really is nothing like them.

For some…words are hard to utter. They are hard to spill. They are hard to release. They are impossible to give. Yet~ words are those little things with the power to touch someone’s heart if you really want to in a way no other person has. Not just writers should cherish words. They nourish us in ways that aren’t easy to forget. Yes…some believe actions speak louder and that is often the case, but words conveyed in the right way from the heart have the power to strengthen and enable action.


~The most touching words came from Meghan~

I was born on this exact day, September 1, Labor Day in 1975. This is the sixth time Labor Day has actually fallen on my birthday (a Monday) since my birth. It’s special for me because of that. The fiestas here in Santa Fe and the burning of Zozobra always accompany my birthday. My mom wrote me a beautiful letter many years ago about when I was conceived and my birth. She talked about “cruising the plaza” right before I was born. I saved her letter all these years and forever more. She is not a writer, but her words are so special to me.

Rudyard Kipling was right on about words being a “powerful drug.” The intoxication is invigorating. We crave words when they aren’t there. Words bring me smiles and tears. Whether they are from someone I love, family, friends, I savor each letter. Words shouldn’t be impossible to give if you want someone to know you care. I want my relationships to be nourished by words. I heard from almost everybody I really care about on my birthday. All the gifts in the world couldn’t hold a candle to the simplest, free things to give…words.


(Labor Day Holidays falling on my actual birthday: 1975; 1980; 1986; 1997; 2003; 2008; 2014; 2025 my 50th bday; 2031; 2036; 2042; 2053; 2059; 2064 my 89th bday; and 2070 my 95th bday~ I think I’ll be dead after that LoL.)

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