Stronger than…


~And no...the cop didn't tell me this. I don't talk in the gym. I work. Hard. **Digital composite by Felicia Lujan features awesome words and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, the sick with the sickness 2014 Crossfit Champion~

Today I realized that I am stronger and more fit than the newest cop to grace the gym floor. It is an empowering feeling to have. You know…since he is a law enforcer and all. No disrespect intended. In all fairness, he is likely not just new to my neck of the workout woods, but new to a fitness regimen. I am not far from shoulder pressing a plate for between 6 and 10 reps. Yes…today was shoulderz and trapz♥.

Sadly…when you do an image search for “women shoulder press,” these are the ridiculous pics you get. Really? I guess the majority of my fellow females think this is what weight lifting looks like. I just got a little teary eyed. You gotta love the gal in the pink tank…hittin’ the straight bar shoulder press with 1 pounderz all tough like “what!?!” Just like lifting air LoL. Maybe I am more manly than some men? Just sayin’… Real #femalemuscle rocks!


~Really?? Serious?? Screen shot of my sad image search results for "women shoulder press."~

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One Comment on “Stronger than…”

  1. You’re right. It’s sad. But you rock:)

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