Bird’s Nest Breakfast

Looks delish!
Minus the yolk and plus
5 egg whites for me tho!

Mangia Paleo

IMG_5336.JPGLet’s address the title of this recipe for a moment. It’s cute, right? Okay well you’re a sicko because it’s actually kind of cruel. Or primal…whichever direction you want to take it.
The eggs in this “nest” are cooked and eaten. So it makes me think of cute little baby birds being fried alive. Maybe that’s just me…

Goodness, I’m strange.

I digress.

Sweet potato hash and eggs are my two breakfast favorites. I usually plop the egg on the potato hash after I cook it. So when I break the egg to eat it the yolk sinks into the hash. Why not put them together in one pan? Another one skillet meal! This is similar to the egg in a basket recipe where you fry an egg in the hole of a piece of bread. But that’s not paleo and this is. 😉

Makes 2 nests

  • 1 small…

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