Great Thanks for Thoughtfulness


~Lovely healthy birthday spread by the
thoughtful ladies of the archives~

It is always such a great feeling to know that you work with special people. I have been meaning to share a story about some thoughtful people I spend most of my days with. In honor of two birthdays (including mine), the women I work with in the archives put together a very nice lunch on the 28th of August.


~Text message I received from Meghan right
after I finished smashing a killer leg workout~

I was really touched by what they took the time to plan because it shows how much consideration they have. They know I eat clean all week so they pulled together a salad lunch. One of them told me “we wanted to be sure it was something you would actually eat.” Several of them jokingly said “we thought about a boiled egg and banana lunch, but…” Yes…I always eat that, though it tends to be eggs and kale these days.

The table was beautifully decorated by the ladies. It was set up so nice with a lovely little tablecloth. There were all kinds of fancy salad fixings and some pretty muffins. Oh…and sugar free soads. 😉 They even went to Whole Foods♥ for stuff including Bragg Healthy Vinaigrette. That particular vinaigrette has liquid amino acids which are “the building blocks of all our organs and tissues” as well as “the link between the food we eat and assimilation for our body tissue.”


I love how these ladies thought about me and kept the lunch so very healthy. I do appreciate each and every one of the people I work with. Each of them is special.

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