Felicia: Becoming Poison Ivy

“Some things are worth
dying for, Batman.”
~~•Poison Ivy
(Detective Comics #752)


Tonight I started working on my costume for Halloween and ComicCon. I started with a plain, full-piece, black morph suit. I am going to be Poison Ivy…keeping my costume in line with Gotham City Sirens this year. Next year…Catwoman to complete the trinity? Pro’ly not. I don’t like her enough. Maybe Killer Frost or a female Spawn though. I will mos’def’ be a comic book character from here on out.

The original Poison Ivy was created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Sheldon Moldoff in 1966. Because the feminist movement was in full swing, DC decided that Batman needed another prominent female adversary, especially since his first villainess, Catwoman, was becoming more of a sympathetic character. The new villainess was given a plant-based theme, partially inspired by the titular character of the short story Rappacini’s Daughter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1844. Like Hawthorne’s literary character, Poison Ivy was envisioned as a beautiful temptress obsessed with dangerous plants, being immune to their toxic effects and employing them to both seduce and poison others.

See my post: Inspired by Poison

Before becoming Poison Ivy, Pamela Isley was seduced and poisoned by a man. “Fortunately for Isley, she survived and became immune to all manner of toxins and diseases. She realized that she was completely unaffected by certain plant-based hypnotic toxins that she could use to control others. Calling herself Poison Ivy, she began wearing a revealing green plant-like costume and turned to a life of crime, combining her natural allure with hypnotic plant toxins in order to manipulate people (particularly men) into doing her bidding.

After moving to Gotham City, Ivy came into conflict with Gotham’s greatest crime-fighter, Batman. Ivy attempted to seduce Batman into becoming her partner-in-crime, but went on to become one of his most dangerous foes. He thwarted Ivy’s scheme and defeated her, after which she was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum. The encounter sparked Ivy’s ongoing obsession with Batman, because he was the one man she could not easily gain control over.

**Poison Ivy info courtesy of Comic Vine.

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8 Comments on “Felicia: Becoming Poison Ivy”

  1. Love Poison Ivy, look forward to seeing the finished outfit.

  2. jordanlash Says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see it. I’m trying my hand at cosplaying this weekend as Hawkeye.

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Oooooo…Hawkeye rocks!! Did you take pics? Send the link!! What did you cosplay for?? ~~F

      • jordanlash Says:

        Well, sadly, I didn’t get to that weekend due to personal reasons. My cosplay was based off of the Marvel NOW! look. I was pretty much identical with the look, except I had a hip quiver instead of a back one. I even painted my bow and arrows purple. I hope to wear it later on down the road.

      • ~Felicia~ Says:

        Ooooo…Ooooo..You had me at hip quiver! Hahaaa… I saw a few cool ones this weekend at the Renaissance Fair. Sorry about the personal probz. Those never seem to go away with any of us! One day at a time! You can wear your cosplay creation soon.

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