It Won’t Happen To Me: Disasters

Great post School Archivist!

The School Archivist

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month?

moldwaterbooks Mold and water damage to a book.

You think that disasters are probably going to happen to other institutions, and not your own. You hear about the flooding a storage area from an overhead pipe or water breaking through a wall. There is news about a catastrophic fire in an older county courthouse. Someone mentioned rumors of squirrels eating some of the older records in an attic storage area. The question is not IF a disaster will strike your collections, but WHEN. So your job as an archivist it to pre-empt the possible disasters and create a disaster plan. Remember that your very first concern when disaster strikes is that everyone is okay and the scene is safe. After determining that to be the case, then concentrate your efforts on your collections.

There are precautions you can use as an archivist…

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