Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Looks delish!

Sins of the Palate

Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m on the Food Network show Chopped with Ted Allen telling me how pretty and accomplished I am. Also, I sometimes buy groceries for a very specific recipe. So, sometimes my kitchen pantry actually looks like a basket that is featured on Chopped. Sometimes.

Sometimes this is a really fun opportunity to be super creative and come up with a soon to be “classic” family dish. Sometimes, this is disastrous and makes me wish that I was not such a stereotypical Jew in the grocery store.


Thankfully, this recipe is one of the “first” sometimes. But, wouldn’t it suck if I was like, “Hey guys, look over here at this horrid recipe that I made. Aren’t I just like Giada but with a gut and more feminine ears?”


Apparently, that’s frowned upon in the culinary world. Silly.

So, the next time you find…

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