To Be Remembered

When I die I want people to remember me. I don’t want any hoopla or expensive memorials. All I ask for are memories. I want to leave this Earth having made a real, genuine difference. I often ask myself… “how do you want to be remembered?” Maybe it’s my profession which drives me to care? Part of my career entails cherishing, loving and respecting the past and those who came before me. Maybe I am just prone to care? Maybe I have always cared…even when I was a little girl? So how do I want people to remember me?


~"Weight of My Heart" a digital composite by Felicia Lujan~

I want to be remembered first and foremost, as a woman with heart. As a person who tries to lift and help people she cares about~ personally or professionally, if they are good people. Maybe as a provider of wings and bright sparks from within my soul to those who deserve them? I want people to remember I was a good mother, but still devoted to my career and loyal to my agency mission. I want to make a real difference in my areas of expertise as well as the professional organizations and groups I choose to affiliate myself with. I want people to remember when I treated them good. I want people to remember my strength and dedication to the gym and to the things or people I care about.


~Felicia and Dee on 9.17.2014~

I know I am on the right path. In my personal life, I know who’s lives I have made a difference in because they tell me. People who really care about me and value me. They never do things to hurt me. I can count on them to be there for me. I have done things that I hope people will remember and appreciate. This morning I was busy. I met with several people on a personal and professional level. During one of such encounters, I met an old boss for lunch. She is an amazing woman who called me out of the blue at work after close to 20 years. It felt good to know that she remembered me after all that time. I was a work-study student in the Social Sciences Department back then. Today I remembered how that department valued me, but Dee valued me in deeper, meaningful ways.



In my professional life I want to be remembered as a woman who was devoted to her career and areas of expertise. I want to be remembered as a woman who pushed her limits with heart…exhibited real dedication…cared about getting things done…worked hard…and valued the knowledge of other professionals. I give my blood, sweat and tears to my agency and I want to. I truly value our mission. If I didn’t care about what I do, I would have left a long time ago for more money. Money doesn’t matter much to me. It is good to have, but in the end, will people remember me for that?


~Snapshot of a section of the Wordharvest newsletter sent out on 9.17.2014~

This morning, the Wordhavest newsletter came through to my inbox. This is one area of expertise where I am progressively making a difference. The newsletter mentioned me for the first time in three years, which made me feel good. After starting from literally a nothing and nobody with the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference, I have worked my way up. Last year I managed the book store, but this year, I am playing an active roll in my areas of expertise. I designed all the promotional material. I am designing advertisements and I am designing the program for the first time. I will also be the official conference photographer this year (also a first), which will be awesome!


~Educational webinar shown at the ARMA meeting on 9.17.2014~

In my very busy morning, I attended the ARMA meeting of my local chapter. I plan to help Cliff breathe new life into that chapter. Another new member and I will be submitting an application to host a legislative exhibit for the chapter in January 2015 (a first for this chapter). She works for CYFD and genuinely cares like I do. She and I agreed that we would bring our professional A game to that exhibit, dressing profesh ta death with intellectual smiles and heels. I plan on recruiting at least a few good catches that day. I will design an exhibit and I was approved for the release of funds for professional printing through EXHIB-IT. This is a new venue for me to make a difference. On the way home, I rethought the Director of Outreach position in my local chapter. I emailed Cliff after work and decided to fill that spot. All of this on my own time of course. I even took annual leave to attend the meeting.


~"Heart of Bolts" a digital composite by Felicia Lujan~

I know I am on the right path. I know who will cherish my memory and what I do and have done personally and professionally. I can’t make everyone care to remember me. Those who really know me…those who truly value me…they will be the ones. When I die I want people to remember me. I don’t want any hoopla or expensive memorials. All I ask for are memories of heart, devotion, dedication and strength. They can forget my weakness.

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2 Comments on “To Be Remembered”

  1. Felicia, I am positive you will get what you want:) No doubt about it, my friend. Your warmth and kindness comes through loud and clear.

    If anyone remembers me (and it doesn’t matter to me at all if anyone does), I want them to remember me as someone who fought back.

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Thanks G~ you are a special person and it’s awesome you can feel me remotely! You will be remembered for more than fighting back my friend. That is a promise. I’m sure you have touched many souls. I can only imagine the lovely person you are in the real world.

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