94ish Awesomeness

I am always so inspired when I see this man coming in and out of the gym. He uses a walker. With his personal trainer (Russ) on one side and his caretaker the endurance athlete (Brent) on the other, Ed makes his way into the weight room. He goes often and is always smiling.

The first time he caught my eye he was wearing a catchy black tee shirt which read… “I do that thing your girlfriend likes.” It got a smile outta me. Ed has a great personality and seems like a very interesting man. I asked Russ more about him when his client left.

After learning more, I would like to interview him. He’s an awesome lil man.


~Russ, Ed and Brent after a training session. Ed is 94 and will be 95 on Saturday! Unbelievably awesome that he still hits the gym! That will be like me lol. In my wheelchair curling the 20z.~

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4 Comments on “94ish Awesomeness”

  1. wow I am 28 and I am not nearly as excited about life as these guys feel like a total loser :pa

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