Harley Quinn and the Assault

“Ooh…I like you, Cowboy!”
♥~Harley Quinn
Batman: Assault on Arkham


~The new sticker 4 my runner.~

This evening I picked up a new sticker for the back window of my runner. I’ll slap it on in the morning before running around town. It was time to remove my sun damaged, cracked, skeleton hands, heart. I also rented and watched the new adultish, animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham. It was awesome and was released in August. It featured so many of my favorite DC characters like Harley Quinn, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Batman, Killer Frost, Scarecrow, and Deadshot. It is worth a watch, and the October 2014 issue of the Harley Quinn comic book features the new movie on back.


~My newest comic book...Harley Quinn (October 2014)~

“Maybe when we get into Arkham, I can show you around. I know some TIGHT places.”
♥~Harley Quinn
Batman: Assault on Arkham

This DC movie had a kick ass preview of the newest Rocksteady masterpiece…Batman: Arkham Knight. This video game is mind blowing! Seriously!! I would like to write about an article I read in Gameinformer (Issue 252, April 2014) about the technology used to create the game. The Batmobile alone is said to use 160MB of data to render (that could take a whole Xbox 360)!! The new villain is Arkham Knight. Yeayyyy~ a new villain. I would love to watch the artists use Apex cloth physics simulation software. This special software was used for the first time to render Batman’s cape and things like individual rain drops! Amazing!  

I lovvvvvve♥ DC!!!!!!

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One Comment on “Harley Quinn and the Assault”

  1. The new Arkham game does indeed look awesome, and I love DC tooooo!

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