DC Comics Goes Crazy For Harley Quinn to Close Out 2014

Loveeeee this pic!


When they’re not busy publishing 20 variation of Batman comics (slight exaggeration), DC Comics is busy trying to figure out ways to fit Harley Quinn into storylines. The mistress of mayhem and mischief with a soft spot for the Joker has quickly risen to become one of DC’s most popular characters. Last month’s Harley Quinn #9 ranked as one of the Top 10 comics sold and its most recent issue will likely be in the same neighborhood when results come out in October.


Speaking of October, solicitations for October through December have gone out to comic book shops and with it are looks at covers for upcoming issues. In addition to her on-going title, Harley will also get an Annual issue, a Holiday Issue and be part of DC’s December LEGO Variant Cover run.

Check out the covers below along with release dates.

Harley Quinn #11


On sale OCTOBER 15…

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