Warner Bros. Announce Director for Suicide Squad Movie

Triple yeayyyyy!!!


Yesterday (19th September) Variety Magazine reported that Warner Bros. have a live action Suicide Squad movie lined up for the future. This came as news to many of us, but it doesn’t end their a fairly sizeable detail about the movie was also revealed, it is to be directed by David Ayer. Ayer is best known for previously directing the fantastic, LAPD focussed mock-documentary drama End Of Watch. As well as writing and directing the as of yet unreleased war drama Fury.

DC comics- Suicide Squad, Old and New

If you are unaware about the DC team, the Suicide Squad is a group of DC comics villains forced to work for a government organisation. The team has gone through various incarnations over the years, however there are a couple of members who have remained as a constant throughout the squad’s history of chaos. These include; Harley Quinn, the lady-jester who is obsessed with the Joker, Deadshot, an…

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