I Believe in Magic

I had so much fun this year at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas. It was such a blast and I love that fair more every year. This is the third or fourth year that I’ve gone. I’m seriously contemplating being a volunteer next year, just to camp on the historic property.

Sucked that I missed the fire dancers this year. Here is a link to a video I shot of one of the fire dancers last year on the My Voyage Through Time YouTube channel. The belly dancers are always great to watch though~ mesmerized by bouncing bellies n shit. Hahahaaa! Of course…I went to the fair *after* a killer back workout!






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3 Comments on “I Believe in Magic”

  1. You look great and i believe in magick as well. You will have fun if you volunteer next year. 🙂 Go for it.

  2. […] It sounds magical doesn’t it? Ahhh…yes. Back to magic. Last night I posted “I Believe in Magic” and coincidentally, there was a hawk show at the Renaissance Fair while I was there. Magic. […]

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