The Gift of Strength


~The owner of my gym always has my back. He takes care of his regulars for sure. Today he told me he wanted me to sample a Bang and give him my review. He also gave me a steel water bottle. Gotta love being valued and appreciated!~

I’m not a big fan of carbonation (no sodas~~ever), but I’ll try a “Bang” tomorrow before my bi/tri workout. The ingredients I like are caffeine (of course), BCAAs, a creatine/glutamine combo, CoQ10, and vitamins. There are no carbs or sugar in the drink.

This weekend I will be starting a 6 week cycle on creatine. I want to experiment with a load of 25gz per day in 5 divided doses for the first week, then 5gz a day before each workout for the remaining time. I’m ready to volumize those cells!!

My goal is to squat 4 plates by the end of December. I went up a dime on each side today. My legs are getting stronger! I felt so much better today after I worked out. Yesterday was a hard day for me. Without the iron I would surely lose my mind.

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