Scandal Fans You Ready!!! 10 Teases For 4th Season!

“Thank God It’s Thursday!” My favorite series “Scandal” is back with my woman crush~ Olivia Pope, the brainy/hot powerhouse and her on again off again (non)man~ El Presidente. El Presidente belongs to a money and power hungry woman, not Olivia. Yeayyyy… “Scandal” is back. I think I’ll catch the new series “How to Get Away with Murder” as well, since I like Viola. TV night tonight!!

101.1 The Wiz

Scandal fans grab some wine and get in front of your TV tonight because starting at 9pm sharp, Scandal returns!!!! Now let me bring you up to speed…

The third season jumped off with Olivia (Kerry Washington)  leaving Washington D.C. with Jake (Scott Foley).  Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) won the election, but it came at a steep price: Rowan (Joe Morton) had First Son Jerry Jr. (Dylan Minnette) killed to ensure Fitz would score the sympathy vote and pinned it on Olivia’s terrorist mommy Maya Pope (Khandi Alexander).  Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) were getting busy, B613 lackey Charlie (George Newbern) dropped a bombshell: Huck’s family, including his wife Kim (Jasika Nicole), are still ALIVE wow! and Quinn did the right thing and told Huck the truth.  Caught up???

Now…lets check out, 10 Cryptic teases for the 4th season…

1. Harrison is really dead

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