Strength Tempered with Fire

“Temper us in fire, and we grow
stronger. When we suffer, we
~~~•Cassandra Clare
~City of Heavenly Fire
~The Mortal Instruments #6


I bought my creatine today. Time to experiment!! I bought 100% pure monohydrate. I also bought 100% grape juice to boost my insulin levels and enhance the absorption of the creatine. I know…I know… sugar 😦  but research shows… Hopefully that will help push the amino acids into my muscle with 100gz of juice to 5gz of creatine. Still not sure about loading!? I’ve been reading up, and many think it’s not necessary. Maybe I’ll try it for a few days at 25gz and see how I feel? 500gz of juice with that? Nawww…not even! I would waddle!!

Since this powder works through osmosis by pulling water into muscle cells, I need to drink way more H2O. I read tonight that it may increase protein synthesis and should help my muscle fibers grow (Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise). As with anything else we consume, there are potential side effects, but at least my side effects will **never** be from negative vices. The things I consume are done so for positive reasons…things that are intended to make me better, stronger, and fit.

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One Comment on “Strength Tempered with Fire”

  1. mihrank Says:

    interesting the way you are introducing it!

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