Creepy Mirror


I finished the creepy mirror for our Halloween party at work. It was fun to make. One of my friends asked me if I could creep it out for her. She knew that she came to the right place for the creative creepiness. Haha!

Today we met for a bit to go over party ideas and food. I’m excited to work on an idea I had for the party. My corner of the Pinion is sure to be dark…just like I like it. Yesterday I bought a bunch of stuff to use.

I also got hooked up by another friend (thank you 🙂 you) with a grippa sweet software apps. Imma dabble in sum Adobe After Effects tonight. Looks like it will be an all nighter! I’m designing the party invite and I’m thinking a moving image! Maybe!?!

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4 Comments on “Creepy Mirror”

  1. purpose213 Says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see what you all are working on.

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