Pray for Gainz


~Gym Meme by Felicia~

Today SonyaQ walked into the gym as I was explaining to CherylV how I have changed up my workouts. It’s been a while since I separated the a-chain and p-chain for chest/back supersets. I have been devoting a whole grueling workout to each. Sonya is fit and today when she told me “your chest is strong,” I thought I would choke. I have found that women rarely compliment each other in the gym. If they do, they mean it.

I laughed to myself when I walked out of there. I was thinking about how the guy who was training chest too threw another plate on the hammer when he saw me pushing what he was. Today I went light. I was working on paused reps and negatives to build strength. Little did he know that I could have thrown another plate on there too and matched him again if I wanted to. I love being strong.

Maybe next time Sonya will catch me on an actual heavy day so she can see the real deal. When she told me my chest was strong, I was like…”fah yeah it is! I’m culturing this shizz fa real!” Hahaaa

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